Microsoft Windows 10

Thursday, August 6, 2015
For those running Windows 7, and even Windows 8, it will be a big change. But, fear not, this is everything you need to get your head around the best piece of software Microsoft has released in years.

How to get it
Loading Windows 10 is easier than any version of Windows before it. A download will become available for anyone running a legal, activated, legit version of Windows 7 or newer on their laptop, desktop computer or tablet. It’s a real, free upgrade too, with no ongoing fees or hidden costs to worry about. So, if you fit that criteria, look for a new "Get Windows 10” icon that will appear on your PC’s task bar near your clock and volume settings. Here, you can register your computer for a Windows 10 download. Once it’s your turn, you’ll get an invitation to begin downloading.

What’s so special about Windows 10?
Microsoft has taken a good look at what everyone loved and hated about Windows 8 and made sure they fixed all the problems but didn’t leave out the good stuff. Thankfully, this means the start menu returns and it is better than ever, based almost entirely on feedback given by early testers. On top of that, Microsoft has made several big changes worthy of the upgrade.
Windows 10 also marks the death of Internet Explorer and the birth of a new, cleaner web browser called Microsoft Edge.

Can I buy a Windows 10 computer today?
New computers with Windows 10 installed will start appearing soon, but the best deals and products are expected to arrive later in the year.
New Features

Start Menu Returns
It’s what Windows 8 detractors have been wanting, and Microsoft has finally brought back the Start Menu. Now, when you click on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, you get two panels side by side, with the left column showing pinned, recently and most-used apps.

Cortana on Desktop
Windows 10 will bring Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant Cortana to desktop computers, to make it easier for you to interact with your device without lifting a finger. You will be able to search your hard drive for specific files, pull up photos from specific dates, or launch PowerPoint presentations just by telling your PC to do so. 

Edge Browser
Gone is Internet Explorer it will be replaced by the newly announced Edge Browser. New features include PDF support, a reading mode that improves the layout of long articles, and a new note taking feature

Improved Multitasking
A new Multiple Desktops feature lets you run another set of windows as if on another screen, but without the physical monitor. Instead of having multiple windows open on top of each other on one desktop, you can set up a whole other virtual desktop for those programs to reside in. Set up one specifically for home and leave your apps such as Netflix and Amazon open, and create another desktop for work on which you keep Word, Excel and Internet Explorer open.

Things to consider before upgrading to Windows 10

Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements.

Is all your current hardware peripherals compatible with Windows 10.

Will all of your current applications be compatible with Windows 10.

Have you got a full system backup before doing the windows 10 upgrade.

Are you eligible for the free upgrade.

Should you wait and buy a new computer with windows 10.

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